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Conservation success stories of 2020

2020 has been a difficult year.  What with Coronavirus, Brexit, enduring racism necessitating the Black Lives Matter movement and World War 3 seeming dangerously imminent, it has been easy to feel increasingly hopeless about the world that we live in.  In the field of wildlife conservation specifically, the Covid-19 pandemic has been particularly disheartening, placing a well-needed spotlight on the horrors of the global wildlife trade, while the bushfires that raged across Australia devastated tens of millions of acres and a billion animals and left hundreds of species in need of emergency intervention. I myself have become progressively obsessive about checking the news several times a day since the beginning of 2020’s downward spiral and, while I think it is crucial to be aware of current affairs and not to turn a blind eye, I have also become conscious of the damaging impact of learning about tragic and quite frankly terrifying occurrences while feeling somewhat powerless to help.  I also believe it is important to realise that the news consists of the most extreme and usually negative stories and that sometimes we must actively seek out the positive to remind ourselves that more affirming reports do exist.  Below, I have […]

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