About Me

I’m Jaz, a 24 year old first-class English Literature and Wildlife Conservation graduate and documentary Researcher in Bristol, aspiring to unite a flair for storytelling with a determination to document and protect the natural world.

Combining the subjects of my two degrees, I have a fervent passion for telling stories about the natural world.  I have experience creating innovative and emotionally poignant natural history narratives due to my work as a Researcher for Oak Island Films on the upcoming mini landmark series ‘Great Lakes Untamed’.  This brilliant experience thoroughly honed my research skills, as well as cultivating my communication skills and capacity to create professional relationships, through collaboration with a wonderful team and a range of external specialists.  I have also written for BBC Wildlife and Countryfile magazines, working to strict editorial deadlines and taking an active contributory role in story development and creative decision-making.

My dogged commitment to wildlife is evident not only in my studies but in my numerous voluntary roles with organisations such as Secret World Wildlife Rescue, the Community Farm, the North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre, Paradise Wildlife Park and Bristol Aquarium.  I have extensive practical field experience and a strong determination to highlight important ecological issues through the powerful medium of film.

As an avid wildlife photographer and filmmaker, I have experience in digital content creation and camera technologies.  I previously worked as a photographer for a BBC Rural affairs shoot, with my photographs appearing on the front page news.  During my academic studies, I co-produced a short film on otters, for which I received top marks.  I have also undertaken nature videography and photography workshops by organisations such as the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, the British Wildlife Centre and the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.

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